28.10.2014 the website is available under the new address - Giovanna informs the members
27.10.2014 the photos of the Independence Day are online
26.10.2014 it turns out that Edi has signed off the address cfbr.at and it is now locked for at least 6 month - that's why Giovanna opens the address cf-batonrouge.at
09.10.2014 Giovanna sends a formula to Edi for reshaping the website to Jimdo - Edi refuses the signature
14.09.2014 Giovanna contacts Edi directly to clear up what to do - unfortunately without success
02.06.2014 Jimdo informs Giovanna that Edi either has to send the XLink Code to Jimdo or to sign off the website at NIC - unfortunately both of it doesn't work
05.04.2014 we decide to close down the XLink-Page and build a new page on Jimdo - Giovanna instantly starts with the adaptation, but has to wait till she can overtake the name www.cfbr.at
01.01.2014 once more the page has a virus and is stopped
10.08.2013 the page is restarted, but with an old state of affairs
01.08.2013 the webpage seems to have a virus and has to be stopped
15.10.2012 link to Country Christmas is online, date for association meeting is online
08.10.2012 we grieve for General Christian Haist
12.09.2012 details about Thanksgiving Weekend and Christmas Party are now online
23.08.2012 reports about the concert of Coon Bottom Creek Band are online
22.08.2012 the webpage is adapted for smaller screens
31.07.2012 the report about the Independence Day Weekend is online
07.07.2012 the new page is provisionally going online to allow publication of events
 04.01.2012 we need a new page because the old one was built on frontpage and doesn't work anymore