William Tweed


He sold himself as a fighter for the rights of the immigrants, but mainly he's in front of a corrupt group of men.




Thomas Nast (1840 - 1902)


Ulysses S. Grant (1822 - 1885)





1823 - 1878






New York City



William Tweed's career is considerable: his ancestors immigrated from Scotland to America. He visited school only for a short time, then worked for his father and got people talking about him as leader of a youth gang. 1852 he becomes councilor for the democrats. Part of this party is the so called Tammany Hall, which he headed very soon. 1863 finally he is the boss of this male society, which pulls the political strings in the background. Tweed is now also the head of the New York democrats; he is corrupt and cozens.


He fully capitalised his position to accumulate wealth for himself and the Tammany-Hall-Men. This was successfull for example with "discrepancies" at building projects, which a multiple of Tweed and his sidekicks. Articles in the news which attack him don't impress him, because he apparently doesn't put the citizens of "his" city past reading the news. But when the draftsman Thomas Nast published caricatures about him he becomes anxious. 1869 the republican Ulysses S. Grant becomes US-president; this is the beginning of Tweed's end. Grant appoints Edwards Pierrepont Federal Public Prosecutor, who ends Tweeds corruption regime.



Based on Nast's drawings, Tweed, who escaped to Cuba, got identified and arrested. He died in the prison of New York City.



source: 111 Mal Wissen (111 times knowledge) by via compact