Skull & Bones


The student's league gladly surrounds itself with scary attributes and already developped three US-presidents.




William Huntington Russell (1809 - 1885)

Alphonso Taft (1810 - 1891)

George Bush (1846)




since 1832






Skull & Bones is one of seven secret societies and at the same time the most elitist club of this kind at the university of Yale. Indeed the members spread several rumors about a derivation from the Freemasons respectively about roots in german fraternities, but believable is only the the society was founded 1832 by William Huntington Russell, Alphonso Taft and 13 further students.


The perceive themself as elite in whose hands the might should be. 15 members yearly are received. The have to stand three dares to prove that they are worth the elite and in the position to hold a position of power after the time of university. Secrecy and ambiguity are sovereign laws. The latter leads to it that the society gives himself various names, for example "Loge322" or "fraternity of death". Member George Bush leaves a press conference when addressed to Skull & Bones.



The aspect of might stays vitally important. Governors, senators, chairmen, judges and bank bosses were and are "bonesmen". At inauguration US-president George Bush appointed 5 society brothers into government. His grandfather, also a member, shall have stolen the skull of the famous apache chief Geronimo and brought it to the "bonesmen". Till today this is neither proven nor refuted.



source: 111 Mal Wissen (111 times knowledge) by via compact