In remembrance to a wonderful pig


Unfortunatley I have to inform all association members and friends that our Luzi died on June 28th 2004! After long suffering we have released her.


I would like to give on this pages a short recapitulation about how got our Luzi and how she fares in this year!


I got Luzi from 2 association members to my 18th birthday in Pullman City. She was then about 4 weeks old and a really charming young farrow with naturally already a "sow"strong intention.


During three days we have walked her on a dog leash, she rushed over the camp site galumphing.


Luzi got a beautiful compound at Pit first. I visited her as often as my time allowed it and could witness how she grew up within a few weeks very big. Soon her emigration was imminent.


Pit succeeded with ease. Everybody knowing Pullman City knows that it's only some hundred meters from goldwash camp to the big animal compound. But Luzi needed three hours to arrive there.


The world seemed still so big for our little Luzi, because nevertheless she had grown up considerable she was often bitten by the bigger pot-bellied pigs and the goats. But time was very important, Luzi became bigger til the pot-bellied pigs and the goats had nothing to laugh.


She was an animal in need of love, every time she hold her belly towards us to get petted. She always listened to her name, when we called her and grunted. She always got only the best to eat, poppy strudel and nut croissants were her favourite food.


She had a wonderful but very short year. She could dig in the soil with her trunk, could wallow and enjoy the fine weather.


She was just a great animal, such animals are rare.


On June 26th 2004 Brigitte, Bernhard and I drove to Pullman City and have examined Luzi's condition. Unfortunately she was very bad. Her joints were swollen and she responded the call of her name with a tearful, pitiable grunt that tug at our heartstrings.


After long mulling over we decided to let Luzi go, into a pig heaven where she now may see many other pigs and tell them, how beautiful her life was.


I would once again thank all that made it possible that she had such a beautiful life.


At the end I would like to beg you one thing, please don't bestow me an animal or pig anymore. Unfortunately this experience was very painful for me. That's why I ask you to take my wish for serious.


I will keep Luzi always in my heart and remember all the beautiful moments that we all had together with her.