Live and let live


Once it was a beautiful day in the wood. The birds sang in the branches, the frogs croaked at the pond, the crickets chirred in the grass and a rattle snake glided along a small way that lead midst through the wood, to warm up in the sun. She rolled together and slept a little. It was peaceful and beautiful.


Then a man came along the way, saw the sleeping snake and instantly wanted to kill her. He catched at a heavy stone and just at the time he wanted let it dash down on her head the snake awakened.


"Brother, why do you want to kill me, I didn't do nothing to you!"


"You are poisonous and have to die!" the man shouted.


"But, brother, I may be poisonous, but I don't do nothing to you. I will not kill you."


"You killing me?", laughed the man. "I am the human und much bigger and more powerful than you; and I have this stone, with which I'm gonna kill you."


"Brother, for the last time", said the snake, "don't harm me and I will not harm you."


"I am not the brother of a snake!" the human cried. "And you will die indeed instantly!" And he immediately striked out with his stone.


In that moment the snake jumped up and bit the man in the throat fast as lightning. He suddenly fell to the earth and while dying he heard the snake saying: "If you had heard on me, brother, and wouldn't have wanted to kill me, nothing would have happened to you and you could live for a long time."


Then the snake rolled together again in the warm sun and fell asleep on this beautiful, peaceful day in the wood.