Legend of the dreamcatcher 2


A long time ago a sad old woman of the tribe of the Ojibwa-Indians came to the wise old spider woman. She complained of her harm and told the wise spider woman, that her little daugther was devastated by bad nightmares at night and could sleep very poor. In her desperation the mother asked the wise spider woman for advice and help.


The spider woman answered: "Prayerfully take a branch of the meadow at the river and bend it to a holy circle. Fill this circle with a spider web. Elaborate it carefully. Afterwards hang it up over the accomodation of your child. The bad dreams will be caught in the netting, the good ones will furthermore find the way to your daughter."


The mother followed the advice of the wise spider woman and carefully crafted the first dreamcatcher. After she had hung it up over the bed of her daughter, the daughter could sleep well again.