The European in 15th century


On the outerwear the woman of the 15th century wears corsetry: the surcot, a waistcoat worn on the garment which flattens the breast and underlines the belly. Under her garment the woman wears a constricting belt around the waist. The upper part of the body is stuck in a corsage corded at the side or at the rear called Futaine, which is completed by a short corsage, the Doublet, and a cloth bandage that flattens the breast. Occasionally an under-corsage made of stiff linnen, the Cotte, came to that.


All these pieces are worn on a voluminous linnen or cotton undergarment with wide sleeves, the future shirt. Pantoons were holden by garters, which definitely had en erotic zest. The woman of the 15th century is still naked under her dessous, closed lingerie found common extension not until 16th century.



Carinthian nobility