Fan language


In Dixieland with its hot and humid weather a fan was an essential requisite for every lady. It not only served for cooling but could also be used as communication medium and served for inconspicuous philandering. The originator of this code can't be detected anymore, but the language was first published by the fan manufacturer Duvelleroy, resident in Paris since 1827 and active till now.


The following codes are known:

hold left hand in front of face I'm looking for acquaintance
hold right hand in front of face follow me!
hold it open in the left hand come and have a conversation with me
finger at the outer edge I would like to talk to you
let it glide over the forehead you have altered
let it rest on the right cheek yes
let it rest on the left cheek no
fan slowly I'm married
fan fast I'm engaged
let it glide over the eyes forgive me
let it chatter with the right hand I love another one
let it glide over cheek I love you
present it closed do you love me?
lay the handle on the lips or pull it doubled through the hand kiss me
wear it in the right hand you are venturous
pull it through the hand I hate you
open and close it fast you are cruel
chatter with the left hand or circulate right wrist we are observed!
hold it on the left ear please leave me alone
let it hang we stay friends
show a specific number of bars declaration of time for the meeting
open wide wait for me
hold it behind the head don't forget me
 hold with shored up little finger see you