Thanksgiving Weekend 2012

After a longer break Country Family Baton Rouge once more invited to the traditional turkey dinner on October 6. The canadian thanksgiving date was chosen by organizational reasons. The american thanksgiving always takes place at the end of november. Our host was Jägerwirt at Bergheim near Salzburg, whose cook prepared the turkey with an american recipe.

In the late afternoon the manageable participant group (from CFBR Brigitte, Rudolf, Giovanna, Markus, Claudia, Walter, Emile and as guests Barbara and Claus Rohland) met in the garden of Jägerwirt and enjoyed the sunny weather with some cold drinks. For a short time the guests were confrontated with a great challenge - as only 9 friends and a dog were present instead of the awaited 15, two turkeys waited in the kitchen's oven. So what to do? While we were still planning, how much aluminium foil we could organize the hotel's owner Daniela Gann put the second turkey spontaneously on the menu of the day. With a big success as we later on heard. Apropos kitchen - Jägerwirt's cook, Robert Kögl, took special consideraton to our allergy sufferers and personally discussed the recipes with them and promised to appropriately change the servings. A service feature that's not easy to find.

Shortly after 5 p.m. the time was come to lard the turkey with sparklers and present it to the hungry company. In the kitchen, the turkey which was prepared with a honey mordant, was carved and served with bread dumpling, mashed sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables and a gravy with cranberries. The meat was delicate and juicy, the dumplings fluffy and the mashed potatoes a new taste experience for most of us. Unfortunately the kitchen crew was a little to fast with clearing up so that the expected wishbone of the turkey didn't find its way to us. Surely next time.

Subsequent Emile spoiled our ears with some music and we could comfortable end the evening.

CFBR would like to organize this event regularly in the future and is still glad to a nice evening with friends and guests in 2013.

A special thank goes to the Jägerwirt and its team. The owner Daniela, who was always an open ear for our wishes and sorrows and spontaneously freed us from the second turkey; the kitchen chief Robert Kögl who took a special recipe and was responsive to the allergies of our participants without deviation and also thought of it while serving as well as to the friendly and nice servant, who anticipated every wish the whole evening through and was as cheeky as their guests.




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