Independence Day Weekend 06/29 to 07/01/2012

Also this year CFBR met at Salzburg in the course of Independence Day. After all participants met on Friday in the shadowy garden of Wastlwirt and had dinner, a comfortable promenade lead us to the nearby situated Stiegl brewery. In the crowded beer garden, where lots of pair of eyes marvelled at CFBR, the brewery served a small Paracelsus Zwickel (beer) and a pretzel. Our youngest got the newest brewery creation, a berry lemonade according to "purity requirements".


Our brewery guide first brought us to the chilly cellar, where the single steps of brewery were explained. From using only austrian products to fermentation, stocking and filling. Over the significance of beer in the society and the art as well as the holy Gambrinus our way brought us back to the brewery court.


Made thirsty by the brewery guidance our group was refound under the chestnut trees in Wastlwirt's garden and enjoyed local beer and plain fare. Naturally the first of our traditional quizzes could not lack. Giovanna came up with some questions about beer and Walter could win the quiz against Brigitte and Priska after a tie-break question.


Saturday started with a joint breakfast and good news for all men. Because of the awaited 38 degrees Brigitte allowed eased outfit. But also the women got good news. Our friend and hairdresser Klaus arrived to perform magic with razor, scissors and hairspray on their hairstyle. Also lipstick and eyeliner were swung professionally. For entertainment Giovanna had prepared a music quiz. She played short pieces of country and civil war music and whoever could name the song got the point. Brigitte could ace with her knowledge of music.


Newly clothed we went to the summer residence in Hellbrunn where we, admired by several tourists, could cool down a little during a guidance through the water games. Our offspring, Sebastian, Selina and Clara-Michelle had the most fun and were finally wet through. Passing away an african wedding we went back to our hotel.


We spent the evening again in Stiegl brewery's yard. We let die away the evening with solid food, quaffable house beer and more  shandy than thirsty throats. Also here all awaited Giovanna's quizzes who had prepared a fun and a knowledge quiz. Brigitte could decide both for her.


Sunday was started comfortably and because of the awaited heat we enjoyed Wastlwirt's garden. The traditional debriefing proceeded positive and we are already glad for the next CFBR event.


report from Markus




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