Christmas party 2012

This year's Christmas party of Country Family Baton Rouge took place on Saturday, December 22 at Jägerwirt Kasern (Bergheim near Salzburg). The invitation was for the members of CFBR as well as selected friends of the association, to whom we may count us. Special guest was country singer Maud Lerch (also known as Maud and Friends), who is a standing friend of CFBR.


Official start of the christmas party was 3 p.m. We (Heli & Irmi) arrived at about 3.30. The hall was decorated solemnly, tables set and most of the invited guests were already present. After a heartly greetings ceremonial, which took a little more time, because we hadn't seen much of the presend friends for a long time, our host Brigitte addressed us officially.


We were informed, that CFBR will donate a considerable part of the annual income 2012 to the hospice Salzburg. Rudolf will double the amount out of pocket. A really generous gesture.

For accomodation we got punch, cake and selfmade cookies. Afterwards hot chestnuts were served. As this time there was no live music, christmas songs were played out of cd-player. That was o.k. and had the plus, that we could address our attention to the conversational partner.

Numerous friends from Austria, Germany and Switzerland were present, whom we were looking forward. As usual we were obliged to wear outfit. Also the children complied to this obligation. A cheerful group has met to celebrate christmas together.

For celebration with friends everyone took out the finest clothes out of the cupboard. Gentleman in fine twirn with bowler or stovepipe hat, ladies in their most beautiful robes, Cowboys in Sunday suit with furbished boots, Scots and Militaries in their uniforms. Hobbyists from several eras could be seen!


The time passed  too fast and at 7 p.m. dinner was served à la carte. Real excellent food was served to us from the crew of Jägerwirt. Kudos to the kitchen staff!


After dinner Brigitte and Giovanna each told us a christmas story. One contemplative and reflective, the other exhilarant and funny! Traditionally Giovanna brought us a brain-twister, which we all awaited curiously. The task was to identify corporate symbols from Europe and the States. Sometimes it was not so easy, because the symbols were printed in black-and-white. Second task was to allocate the flags to the american federal states, which brought our heads to smoking. It lasted nearly one hour till everyone ended the tasks.


As every beautiful event also this one had to end. Near 9 p.m. atmosphere of departure grew and friends started home. We left the event at about 10 to start our way home lasting 1 1/2 hour.



Reported by Heli Lehner



Cake & Cookies



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